Shapeshifters Cinema is a monthly expanded cinema series featuring experimental filmmakers and video artists presenting moving image work live with accompaniment from musicians and sound artists. Shapeshifters takes place the second Sunday of every month, from 8 to 9pm (unless otherwise noted) at Temescal Art Center in North Oakland. Doors open at 7:30pm. Shows are free. Shapeshifters is curated by Gilbert Guerrero and Kathleen Quillian.

Voted “Best Leaps From
the Screen” by the San
Francisco Bay Guardian
October 2014.

Support for Shapeshifters Cinema is provided by the Zellerbach Family Foundation, the San Francisco Cinematheque and individual donors.

June 14, 2015
Lori Varga

Returning for a third, solo, one-woman show is Bay Area experimental filmmaker & analog lightshow artist, Lori Varga. The evening's program will feature four never-before-seen film and slideshow pieces, all accompanied by Varga's hand-assembled, abstract reel-to-reel and tape collage soundtracks. Evocative, erie, odd soundscapes merge into ambient yet absurdist film and light play and the forgotten imagery of yesteryear becomes aglow again in an other wordly new view. Four Works by Lori Varga include Where does a Squirrel REALLY Live? (piece for two 16mm film projectors), Jag ´Ar Fri (piece for four 35mm slide projectors and tape recorder), Memories of Shadows 023 (16mm film and super-8mm cartridge loop projector, dual machine and cassette tape), Will NOT Go Gently Into That Good Night (abstract, tonal, non-structural sound work for 16mm film projector and two overhead liquid projectors, reel-to-reel recorder, steel cooking pot lids & amplified voice thru toy vocoders).

July 12, 2015
Kerry Laitala with Voicehandler

Optical magician Kerry Laitala returns to Shapeshifters to present The City Luminous, a new body of work inspired by the 1915 Panama Pacific International Exposition to which cultural historians attribute, among other things, the first light show in the Bay Area. Inspired by the innovations developed for this year-long celebration one hundred years ago, Laitala will be showing several works that mix historical footage with new technology to re-ignite the magic of the World's Fair that marked the return of San Francisco after the devestating earthquake and fire that nearly destroyed the city. The program will include three new 16mm dual-projection performances in collaboration with Voicehandler (Jacob Felix Heule and Danishta Rivero): The City Luminous: Spectacle of Light Variation, The City Luminous: Aladdin’s Lamp Variation and The City Luminous: Electric Salome along with three chromadepth (3D) works: Afterimage: A Flicker of Life (sound collaboration between K. Laitala and Wobbly), Chromatic Frenzy and Nine Lives Measured in Mercury (sound by Neal Johnson).

May 10, 2015: Dennis Keefe & Jim Baldocchi with Thomas DiMuzio
April 12, 2015: Zen Cohen with Colton Long and Zoey Vero
March 22, 2015: Roger Beebe with Cody Hennesy
February 8, 2015: Cheryl Leonard with Rebecca Haseltine & Oona Stern
January 11, 2015: Keith & Geoff Evans
December 14, 2014: Brian Darr & Alex Xander Jacobs
November 16, 2014: Jeremy Rourke
October 12, 2014: Cyrus Tabar
September 14, 2014: Tommy Becker
August 10, 2014: tooth
July 13, 2014: Elise Baldwin
June 8, 2014: Dennis Keefe & Glenn McKay with Chris Musgrave & Sarah Brady
May 11, 2014: Chris Pew
April 13, 2014: Andy Puls
March 2, 2014: Greg Pope with Voicehandler
February 9, 2014: Lori Varga
January 12, 2014: Scott Stark & Allison Holt
December 8, 2013: Alex MacKenzie
November 10, 2013: Chris Duncan
October 13, 2013: Craig Baldwin
September 8, 2013: dyemark
August 11, 2013: Kadet Kuhne
July 14, 2013: Beige
June 9, 2013: Josh Kit Clayton
May 12, 2013: Jim Haynes
April 28, 2013: Lori Varga & Paul Baker
February 10, 2013: Jen Cohen & Guillermo Galindo
January 13, 2013: John Davis & Josh Churchill
November 8, 2012: Sylvia Schedelbauer
October 4, 2012: Tommy Becker
September 6, 2012: Kerry Laitala with John Davis and Neal Johnson
August 2, 2012: Jeremy Rourke
July 13, 2012: Paul Clipson & Evan Caminiti
June 17, 2012: The cinePimps

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