Shapeshifters Cinema is a monthly expanded cinema series featuring experimental filmmakers and video artists presenting moving image work live with accompaniment from musicians and sound artists. Shapeshifters takes place the second Sunday of every month, from 8 to 9pm (unless otherwise noted) at Temescal Art Center in North Oakland. Doors open at 7:30pm. Shows are free. Shapeshifters is curated by Gilbert Guerrero and Kathleen Quillian.

Voted “Best Leaps From
the Screen” by the San
Francisco Bay Guardian
October 2014.

Support for Shapeshifters Cinema is provided by the Zellerbach Family Foundation, the San Francisco Cinematheque and individual donors.

September 13, 2015
Alfonso Alvarez & Steve Dye

Bay Area media artists Steven Dye and Alfonso Alvarez present new material and classic gems in the form of video and film. Revealed under video and projector lamplight, this show is an immersive event complete with multiple screens, live musical accompaniment and audio field recordings. The nature of nature, raw and processed; broken down and reassembled; archival and contemporary – an exploration of land and water and what has become of these precious elements so casually exploited. This performance includes special guests Maat Valkyr and Suki O'Kane. Steven Dye is a visual and vound artist. His practice explores the interplay between sound, image, and perception in live performance, expanded cinema and installation. This includes a direct engagement in the ways that sounds and images can be produced, recorded and manipulated during presentation. It is an exploration of the physical and aesthetic properties of sound and projection, as it exists in our environment and how they can be perceived and understood in artistic practice. Alfonso Alvarez is a film and video maker trying to become a craftsman. He works with multiple 16mm film projectors to create immersive screening environments. His films are image processed via optical-printing, hand-processing and hand-coloring. His recent work incorporates both film and video as a live mash-up of projected elements to create fleeting relationships unique to each screening. Alfonso and Steve are long time collaborators. Their distinct individual styles contrast and complement each other in the service of engaging experimental cinema.

November 8, 2015
Greta Snider

Greta Snider is a San Francisco-based filmmaker who is particularly interested in experimental nonfiction and exploring the boundaries between documentary and document. She will present a set of all-new films and slide projects that explore the relationship between words, images, and bodies. The program titled Pictures, Texts, Notes, Bodies will include: "Prayer for the Torture Memos" (HD, with 35mm projected film), a new film that imagines a reckoning between word and flesh, forcing an emotional dialogue onto the unforgiving, endless parsing of the legal documents generated between 2001 and 2009 regarding the US torture policy; "Inversion Layer" Light, Shade, and heat in Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong. (Half frame film, projected in 35mm film with a live narration in Chinese); "Gloria" (35mm stereoscopic slides) a 3D slide projection piece exploring missed connections between women in classic cinema melodrama; and "Human Rights Karaoke" (HD, with live singing) which will offer a chance for audiences to engage in a vulnerable way with the texts that protect, liberate, or control our very existence on the planet.

August 9, 2015: Phoebe Tooke & Wayne Grim w/Stephanie Stewart-Bailey
July 12, 2015: Kerry Laitala with Voicehandler & Wobbly
June 14, 2015: Lori Varga
May 10, 2015: Dennis Keefe & Jim Baldocchi with Thomas DiMuzio
April 12, 2015: Zen Cohen with Colton Long and Zoey Vero
March 22, 2015: Roger Beebe with Cody Hennesy
February 8, 2015: Cheryl Leonard with Rebecca Haseltine & Oona Stern
January 11, 2015: Keith & Geoff Evans
December 14, 2014: Brian Darr & Alex Xander Jacobs
November 16, 2014: Jeremy Rourke
October 12, 2014: Cyrus Tabar
September 14, 2014: Tommy Becker
August 10, 2014: tooth
July 13, 2014: Elise Baldwin
June 8, 2014: Dennis Keefe & Glenn McKay with Chris Musgrave & Sarah Brady
May 11, 2014: Chris Pew
April 13, 2014: Andy Puls
March 2, 2014: Greg Pope with Voicehandler
February 9, 2014: Lori Varga
January 12, 2014: Scott Stark & Allison Holt
December 8, 2013: Alex MacKenzie
November 10, 2013: Chris Duncan
October 13, 2013: Craig Baldwin
September 8, 2013: dyemark
August 11, 2013: Kadet Kuhne
July 14, 2013: Beige
June 9, 2013: Josh Kit Clayton
May 12, 2013: Jim Haynes
April 28, 2013: Lori Varga & Paul Baker
February 10, 2013: Jen Cohen & Guillermo Galindo
January 13, 2013: John Davis & Josh Churchill
November 8, 2012: Sylvia Schedelbauer
October 4, 2012: Tommy Becker
September 6, 2012: Kerry Laitala with John Davis and Neal Johnson
August 2, 2012: Jeremy Rourke
July 13, 2012: Paul Clipson & Evan Caminiti
June 17, 2012: The cinePimps

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